At the aged of just 21, Maurice had chosen Paris to be his home for the rest of his life. When he became with time an history expert and professional guide, it is no exaggeration to say that Maurice knew Paris like very few people would.

A chosen spot
Every spot chosen for a painting or drawing would be one of a particular significance. One that would tell something of a past century, of a king, a revolt or a war deed. Or if would be just the testimony of how great of a privilege it is to live in this unique spot of the world. A chance for anyone of any background , wealthy 7th district inhabitant or tough market seller in Les Halles, striving student in his attic under the roofs (like the one he lived in by then) or or twilight lovers on the banks of the Seine.

These works recall to us through simple scenes and refined details what Paris had been during Maurice Zalcman’s times, and what she never ceased in fact to be.